ROSE Cykler has a rich history dating back to 1955, when Arnold Rose, a railroad engineer from a town near Copenhagen, Denmark, was approached by a local nursery school to construct a special type of tricycle. The tricycle needed to be stronger and more durable than the types available at the time, and so Arnold Rose decided to set up Europe's first factory specializing in the manufacture of bicycles for daycare centers. This decision proved to be successful, and Arnold Rose eventually left his job at the railroad to devote all his time to the fast-growing cycle business.

As more institutions became convinced of the advantages of buying quality products, including cost savings, Arnold Rose realized that existing production facilities were not large enough to meet the growing demand. In 1981, he sold the business to Peter Petersen, who continued to expand the business, and today ROSE products are sold throughout Europe.

Since then, ROSE PLAYBIKES has undergone another change in ownership, as Peter Petersen retired and left the company in the hands of Hans Jørn Nissen, Jørgen Due, and Bjarne Hansen. Our goal is to honor the core values and products of ROSE and continue the growth journey of ROSE PLAYBIKES, as it has been a favorite product among children for decades.